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What You Did Wrong With Your Domain Names!

Posted on July 22, 2021 by Marc Vanhorne

Trying to improve search engine rankings is just like a rubics cube. A puzzle that can keep you occupied for hours. How often have you heard"They keep changing the rules? ," and the frustrating part is. . .they don't even let you know what the rules are in the first place!

It's an established fact, in attempting to increase search engine ranks, that developing your website through link popularity, by gradually acquiring incoming quality links, including small quantities of fresh relevant content on a regular basis, using appropriate keyword density and placement, together with making your website"sticky" so your visitor's stay more.

But today, there is something else you must know about! (and this is a big but!)

Google is beginning to weigh in heavy on domains. Not what your domain name is, or how long you have had it. Google needs to know how long you plan on maintaining it, as in, how long can it be registered for!

They have started NOT giving as much attention to domains registered for only a year, thinking they are spammers, making a fast hit and then they are out of here. If they see you are enrolled for 5 years, then you must be a serious

Business which has planned on being around for quite a long time.

I live about a five iron out of DC and made my living on the radio. Helen Thomas, one of the all-time great White House correspondents, would always be picked by President Reagan to ask questions at press conferences. Here is why:. .She found out that the President had a fondness for the colour red. So, Helen began wearing a red blazer to press conferences and he would always pick her from a media room filled with other reporters.

So, in other words... put a red blazer on your site, drop 50 bucks registering your domain name for many years and reveal Google, in addition to other search engines, you're seriously interested in sticking around and wanting to boost search engine rankings.