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Top 2 Ways To Get Higher Rankings in Major Search Engines

Posted on December 6, 2021 by Marc Vanhorne

Search engines have always been an important source of traffic for many marketers. Achieving high search engine rankings should be one of your goals because it can be profitable in the long term.

But what is it that stop some people from getting their coveted rankings?

It's a fact that some years back, getting high rankings was quite straightforward. You can just set up a website, heavily optimize it to the page itself and bam, it is possible to show up in the top listings efficiently.

Nowadays, this has completely changed. It's becoming more and more challenging to secure and even keep good rankings on the major search engine result pages(SERPs) such as Google and Bing.

Some of the reasons are:


There is more and more competition. A growing number of sites are popping out regular and everybody is attempting to advertise their sites, hence increasing pages and sites in the SERPs. For instance, Google has over 8 billion pages currently in its index.

Search Engine Algorithm Change

With the search engine algorithm changing, it can be complicated to determine how to get high rankings or keep your present ones.

Search Engines Are More Severe

Doing any foolish mistake with your website can be costly. You should be careful what you're doing when promoting your website. For eg, you can have hidden text or text links on your website without you knowing and you may be penalized.

If it is not a mistake, you might be linking to sites that are not good anymore, hence devaluing your website.

What if you do? Well, you can not do anything about rivalry neither algorithm change but you want to track who you connect to and make certain your website is clean every time. And Most Importantly, Links as many related and similar websites continue to be highly valuable to get top ranks and you need to always get them regularly because that is the core building block of good positioning in the SERPs no matter what and to outrank your competitors, that is what you need to do. And you can make confident that good quality hyperlinks will continue to be important in each algorithm change.

Here are top two ways to get links to your Website and higher rankings in major search engines:

Reciprocal Links

It is said that reciprocal links are decreasing in value but still nevertheless, they're worth getting. If you're exchanging links with websites that are of comparable or related subjects, it may do you more good than harm. So don't stop getting these sort of links. A link is a connection and it'll help you in many ways that you may imagine. A link won't only aid you in better search engine positioning but you'll receive traffic from that link .

I know that because I get a great deal of traffic from my link partners alone. If you can get one on the site, it is even better. So don't underestimate mutual linking. They still work. Many sites with high search engine placement have reciprocal links to them, so they're still of excellent value. The internet is just a network of sites linking to each other in a way. Links are what form the net.

One-way Links

On the other hand, one-way hyperlinks are best since they're independent votes. Other sites link to you without linking back. Well these sort of links are more difficult to get.

Some great ways to get them are:

- Construct a practical site and permit others to link to you freely by supplying them with the essential materials such as text links or banners. Text links are better since you can include your targeted keywords in them. Some people will even link to you simply because your website has great content and will find a way to link to you typically by simply taking your homepage name. I have seen that.

- Purchase some text advertisements on other quality related websites. This will provide you with traffic and automatically help you on your rankings.

- Write posts of interest to your viewers and submit them to other websites which accept articles. On your author bylines, you have a link to your website. Well this will surely help your visitors, link popularity and rankings. However, to improve your rankings better, take a look at section (iv) which shows how use the content marketing strategy to find one-way inbound links with your targeted keyword in your anchor text.

- Create a section on your website allowing other people to re-publish your own articles. Provide them with the specific html code so that they can simply copy and paste that code onto their websites easily. Do not forget to mention that the guide and author bio shouldn't be altered in any way if it is used. Hence by easing their tasks, you can make sure to get your articles distributed online much more faster.

In your author bylines, make certain to place an anchor text with your targeted keyword in the URL to your website. This is the way an author bylines can be particularly beneficial for your positions. This isn't merely a url but a keyword targeted url. Envision your reprint article page gets decent traffic, you improve your chances to get some people interested to re-publish your job on the web. With time, you will raise your link popularity and get higher positions.

Well you work hard to create quality content and it can cover itself repeatedly. 1 article can be printed on hundreds of sites and if your url is coded with an anchor text containing your targeted key words, you may have 100 one-way keyword-rich inbound links. Now what is the worth of that? I let you figure it out.

Getting high search engine rankings takes time, patience and work but if you're seriously interested in your company and you're here to stay for long, you should devote some of your time doing some search engine marketing. In the long term, you're likely to reap the benefits of your continuing work.