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Search Engine Strategies For Affiliate Websites

Posted on November 15, 2021 by Marc Vanhorne

The big search engines are always looking to improve their search results and to weed out websites with duplicate content. They are also weeding out websites that mainly contain affiliate links. This will affect quite a few businesses on the Internet that depend on affiliate links to generate revenue.

Especially the last Google update kicked some significant affiliate players outside the catalog - leaving those sites out in the rain. Loss of visitors was immediate and reduction of earnings was dramatic. Future updates can be much more striking - hence threatening the existence of online companies based on affiliate marketing. It can also influence the actual company running the affiliate program because their sales goes down if affiliates don't create leads.

There are particular strategies affiliates can implement to decrease the risk of being de-listed from Google or Bing. No affiliate site should match another one to avoid being penalized for duplicate content. Each and every link into sub-pages need to have a different URL and the naming convention for pages should be different. This is going to be extremely important for template sites that typically match each other like one egg another.

Building incoming links remains the most crucial piece. Avoid building up a enormous number of links in a really short time-frame since it could actually cause a red flag for search engines. Building up links ought to be a slow but continuous approach. In my own observation I think it's safe to state that 50 incoming links per month should be the upper limit for the first 3-6 months of the presence of a website.

If your affiliate site is build from a template its hyperlinks to pages will fit with other sites build from the same template. This may raise a red flag with search engines. If a web server supports mod_rewrite the affiliate needs to proceed and re-write the URLs to change their look to the outside. Apache web server and mod_rewrite also permit the affiliate to make keyword improved URLs this way.

Adding arbitrary content to web pages containing affiliate links and products is another measure to disguise the true goal of the internet site/web page. If a web site is build using PHP, I highly recommend to employ a random text comprise for the pages in question. Begin with a quote of the day script and change it to your needs.

The measures lined out in this report won't guarantee that your site stays in the search engine index but it's surely a step to the right direction to execute each one.