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Google Sitemaps - How Important Are They?

Posted on April 10, 2024 by Marc Vanhorne

There is not any denying that Google may be the king of the hill with regards to search engines. A reasonably decent page ranking in Google will probably be worth a lot more when compared to a better showing in other less prominent se's. The reason behind this is actually the overwhelming popularity of Google. A massive majority of internet surfers use Google's services in searching for quality content on the web. With the large numbers of people deploying it, a high pr acts an excellent advertising chance of your site.

Because of the astounding quantity of websites that submit their webpages to Google, the think tanks at Google made a decision to turn out with Google Sitemaps. This service, that was were only available in June 2005, makes website submissions to Google easier but with the added bonus to getting detailed reports concerning the submitted page's visibility in Google. With Google Sitemaps webmasters can continually inform Google about their webpages and also any changes they make to greatly help enhance their standing in Google.

This program serves as complementary service to Google's regular crawl, though it is known as that using Google Sitemaps can perform a more satisfactory job compared to the regular crawl.

Google made a decision to turn out with the Google Sitemaps program for the internet search engine to provide better serp's to its users. With the existing limitations of web crawling, not often all pages are discovered. Additionally it is difficult to find out in case a page has changed. With so many uncontrollable variables, crawlers sometimes just make guesses. With Google Sitemaps it gets easier to obtain a better picture of all possible URLs in an internet site and also the frequency of the changes which are made. Knowing these variables makes searching in Google a far more robust and fruitful experience because users are assured they always get yourself a fresh index of webpages.

To make use of the Google Sitemap program, webmasters just need to download a free of charge open-source tool called Sitemap Generator that helps in developing a Sitemap utilizing the Sitemap protocol. Google hopes that webservers will eventually support the protocol in order that webmasters won't take any extra steps to to be able to join this program.

Google Sitemaps also freely accepts codes extracted from or generated by alternative party providers and also lists down all the available alternative party software within the Google Sitemap pages.

Google's software and service developers are continually tweaking and improving the Google Sitemap program to raised address the requirements of webmasters. For this reason, new features are continually put into the Sitemap program.

Some of the brand new features which have been incorporated now revolve round the reporting facet of Google Sitemap.

When a niche site has been verified, Google can show webmasters the statistics and errors concerning the website along with the webpages.

Among the info that might be included are:

  • The URLs that Google had trouble crawling like the reason. Also included will be the top queries that led to returns from their websites along with the ones that brought traffic with their sites.
  • The web page's PageRank distribution
  • The common text in external anchors that other websites used to connect to their websites.
  • These new features, in addition to others which are still being developed, brings tremendous advantages of webmasters since it makes the duty of owning a website so easier. In addition, it simplifies certain tasks that webmasters should do to raised manage their website's page ranking. Ultimately, it offers their websites better exposure and also the inclusion of more of these webpages in Google's index.