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Google Likes Active Sites

Posted on November 2, 2022 by Marc Vanhorne

When your online site is active, Google rewards your website with higher rankings. When Google sees new pages are added and slight changes are constantly being made, it does increase your online sites rankings within serp's. We suggest you experiment by developing a few new pages on your own site. Check Google cache everyday and soon you start to see the new page listed, once it really is in the cache try looking for a few of the prominent phrases that come in your brand-new page. We suggest checking your logs to find out what phrases people hit your website on now. Discover what position you're in on that one search, then edit that page slightly to target more on that phrase. Also learn if you can find any iterations of this phrase which are searched more regularly.

When you edit the page to raised suite what's being searched it causes the page to be edited just slightly, insufficient for this to certainly be a new topic. This effect has shown to be valuable. Slowly modifying your pages to penetrate a hard phrase might have a devastating influence on your competition. Enabling you to slide in slowly. Constant attention (maybe once weekly) could cause your website to be looked at more up-to-date and for that reason break the tie. That is just two methods to cause your website to be looked at as "active" in googles eyes. There is absolutely no insufficient advise on the market for finding a great many other ways, the target here was to talk about our findings. We've found this to be absolutely true, and something of the very most powerful methods to penetrate highly competitive keywords on Google.